About Us

Benanova, Inc. is a research and development company spun from NC State University. We have pioneered the development of a new class of eco- friendly, functionally active, and sustainable materials based on a widely available, bio-degradable and bio-renewable resource – lignin. In response to COVID-19 Benanova has accelerated the development of finishing technologies for specialty and performance textiles.

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Our Mission

Develop green innovations that positively impact the environment and help mitigate global warming and climate change.

Commercialize high performance, safe and sustainable material solutions to meet the pressing needs of our customers.

Build value and provide our employees and stakeholders a strong return on their investment as quickly as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a successful company with strong and robust growth based on our commitment and passion for development and commercialization of innovative, high performance functional material solutions which by design are scalable, cost-efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We also aim to be an organization with reduced carbon footprint and plan on becoming carbon neutral in three to five years.

We will make our vision a reality by approaching scientific discoveries with entrepreneurial attitude and also being mindful about our environmental and social responsibilities. Our innovative strength is rooted in upcycling sustainable byproducts from biomass processing into high value materials utilizing green chemistry processes. A key benefit of our nature inspired materials and products is that by design they are non-persistent and will fully degrade after use featuring high post-utilization safety.

Our Team

Dr. Anka Veleva

Dr. Anka Veleva


Dr. Veleva brings to Benanova nearly two decade of entrepreneurial experience in several ventures in the life sciences sector. She will lead the transition from research to development to commercialization of Benanova’s proprietary technologic platform for creating safe and sustainable material solutions across multiple markets.

Dr Orlin Velev

Dr. Orlin Velev

President and Founder

Dr. Velev is the S. Frank and Doris Culberson Distinguished Professor at the NCSU Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He is a world-renowned leader in innovative studies of colloids, biosensors, microfluidics and responsive soft matter. Dr. Velev is a recipient of numerous prestigious national and international awards.

Dr. Simeon Stoyanov

Business Development

Dr. Stoyanov has more than 20 years of global industrial experience, leading diverse cross-functional and multi-cultural innovation teams in Fortune 500 fast consumer goods companies. He oversaw the development and commercialization of dozens of consumer products. He is an inventor of numerous international patents.