EbNP Technology Wins a Lemelson-MIT Prize

The environmentally-benign particle technology developed by Benanova was selected for an award in the Lemelson – MIT National Collegiate Prize Completion. It won in the “Eat it” category for technology-based innovations that can improve food and agriculture.

This technology represents a novel approach to deliver active ingredients (or a.i.) via lignin core small particle carriers. The particles are made from biodegradable and bio-renewable feedstocks. They have the potential to reduce risks associated with conventional pesticides by reducing the amount of chemicals used in crop protection. This will improve farmers’ profitability by saving cost on chemical inputs and by increasing crop yields.

According to Joshua Schuler, the executive director of the Lemelson-MIT Program, The Lemelson – MIT National Collegiate Prize Competition recognizes inventions and inventors who address pressing issues with pioneering concepts that will translate to impactful solutions.

About Benanova, Inc.

Benanova, Inc. is a research and development company headquartered in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area in the state of North Carolina. The company commercializes novel cost efficient environmentally friendly particle systems made of natural materials that can leverage functional properties of bioactive agents. In response to COVID-19 Benanova has accelerated the development of finishing technologies for specialty and performance textiles. For more information, visit www.benanova.com.

About the Lemelson – MIT Program

The Lemelson – MIT Program celebrates outstanding inventors and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention. Jerome H. Lemelson, one of the most prolific American inventors, and his wife, Dorothy, founded the Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1994. It is funded by The Lemelson Foundation and administered by the College of Engineering at MIT. For more information, visit https://lemelson.mit.edu